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walking out of a bathroom with no hand dryers like


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My house is strange. There’s me, i’m bisexual, and I live with my gay brother and my asexual fiance.
My brother and I have the same taste in boys, but i’m really the only one who likes girls, and my fiance is generally just really excited about dragons.

Dude I want this sitcom

is generally just really excited about dragons

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petition to make young adult authors stop writing about girls whose lives change when they meet a boy

When she saw him time slowed to a stop.  He was so perfect and she knew her life would never be the same because she had finally found him.  The one.  The first boy she would ever kill.


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Though some of your ships were highly questionable, GOD BLESS the admin who ships Larxene and Demyx. I think I've mentioned this before, but everyone thinks I'm crazy for being all over that pairing. I also appreciated the equally unconventional Aqua/Axel and was super impressed with Aqua/Cinderella, which made me start to think about LGBT+ representation in video games. If you all were to choose one (or more!) character(s) to be (canonically) LGBT+ in KH, who would you choose?


Honestly, any or potentially even all of them. I can’t think of a single character in the entire franchise who for some reason would have to be straight, cis, and otherwise living strictly within the narrow bounds of mainstream sexual, romantic, and gender-based norms.

In other words, with a cast as big as ours, I think that if the world at large were only more accepting of such things, we could see virtually the entire spectrum represented — or at least quite a few varied parts of it.

I mean, if I were the ultimate head honcho of the series, some theoretical person with the power to mandate or approve whatever I felt like without having to work with higher-ups or focus groups or anyone else who could theoretically get in the way of my vision…well, here’s a few ideas I think I might have:

Canonically gay Terra.

Canonically asexual and homoromantic Aqua.

Canonically pansexual Sora.

Canonically bisexual Kairi.

I’d also have devoted more time and effort to exploring Xion’s identity issues back in Days. As it is, the game did a wonderful job of portraying her curiosity and doubt about where she came from and who she used to be, but it kind of glossed over the other personal conundrums that you’d kind of think would naturally arise in that situation. She was a lifeless, mindless, heartless, sexless, genderless, inanimate object that later came to life, became physically female, and began to identify as a girl, but then other people often perceive her as male, and, arguably, depending on precisely how you interpret the events of the plot, she might even become physically male for a day or two by game’s end. I think, for a fifteen-year-old (and especially a fifteen-year-old with only one very confusing year of actual life experience), that would raise a hell of a lot of questions about how she identifies, what she wants to call herself, what she feels able or allowed to call herself, and more. Of course, I think the end result would be that she identifies as a girl, so she is a girl, and there’s little more to it than that, but the process of introspection and soul-searching that it would take her to reach that conclusion would be deeply interesting and also really important to portray.

Androgynous Xion? :V
I would find that fascinating!

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friends: how can u still wear black, its summer



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BOND is a tiny touch module. It can be a pendant or a bracelet but it comes in pairs. You keep one and you give one to a friend. When you touch it, your friend feels it. No matter where they are on the planet. We don’t do tweets, we do tickles.

we need this

gonna put it on my dick


This is actually so cool because some people wear bracelets and necklaces and things as comfort items. I used to wear a necklace from my grandma to remind me of her and I would touch the pendant on it when I was feeling down or stressed. So imagine (if she were still alive), every time I did that she would know I was thinking of her, drawing strength from her.
And then imagine poking it and the other person feels it and pokes back and you end up in a real life facebook poke war.

I would send messages in morse code

magine you and your best friend have one. When the friend dies, he/she is buried with the bracelet. A couple weeks later, you feel someone touch your wrist.

Well this escalated from cool tech to perverted hilarity to something heartfelt then finally something out a creepypasta
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That once in a century event, perfect AkuRokuShi Day! Year of the Xion XD!
Trying a different coloring style. I still don’t like drawing Axel’s hair XD.
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Is the alphabet called the alphabet because the first two letters in the Greek alphabet are alpha and beta?


Are there literally 75,000 people who did not realize this?

Get the fuck off your high horse yes clearly that many people didn’t know that about the fucking Greek alphabet sit down and shut the fuck up

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Not gonna lie I thought this was fried chicken
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